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Dogi Park Waterboom Indrapura Taman Miniatur Dunia

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Monday, October 16, 2017 unveils ITV You’ve Been Framed partnership - Holiday price comparison website is to sponsor ITV’s You’ve Been Framed in 2017.

The sponsorship reflects a “significant” but unspecified investment by the Leeds-based firm.
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The company will also feature in national TV advertising for the first time in with a ‘Compare. Call. Save’ campaign which breaks on Christmas Eve and runs until the end of January. Previous TV ads have been shown regionally.
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The activity aims to showcase the brand to national viewing audiences of almost 40 million adults across prime time TV and catch-up services from January 2 to September. has been travel provider sponsorship of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway in 2015 and Bang on the Money in 2016.

Chief marketing officer Ross Matthews said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get in front of our core target audience – families who are looking to get a great deal on their next holiday.

“Sponsorships have always been an important part of our marketing strategy and we’re confident that this latest move will also prove a success.

“We’re also hugely excited about our first investment in national TV advertising which will help to fuel our upward trajectory of growth.

“We believe that both campaigns speak volumes of a brand that continues to punch above its weight, and look forward to sharing even more exciting news throughout 2017.”

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5 Destination Places to Visit Near CHENNAI For Family Holidays

5 destination places for Luxury family holidays :

  1. V.G.P. Golden Beach
  2. Covelong Beach (Near Mahabalipuram)
  3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park
  4. Sadras Beach Resort (Near Mahabalipuram)
  5. Nagalapuram (Near Tirupati)

1. V.G.P. Golden Beach

V.G.P. Golden Beach
At a distance of 21 Kms from Chennai Central Railway Station and 40 Kms from Mahabalipuram (situated on East Coast Road between Chennai and Mahabalipuram), VGP Golden Beach is the only resort in Chennai city limits. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Chennai.

This Beach cum Amusement Park is developed by The Tourism and Entertainment Corridor of Tamil Nadu, and offers wide range of entertainment options like Gokarting, Dashing Cars, Water Chute, Giant Wheel, Break-dance, Dragons belly, Super trooper and many more. Kids can enjoy the special sight seeing of Jurassic Park and Aquarium. There is an Art Centre which sells handicrafts and articles made out of sea shells.

The sea facing Swimming pool is an extra attraction. The beach is clean and ideal for sun-bathing. The Resort has a Multi-cuisine restaurant and a separate Bar

2. Covelong Beach (Near Mahabalipuram)

Covelong Beach (Near Mahabalipuram)
At a distance of 23 Kms from Mahabalipuram and 35 Kms from Chennai (on Chennai - Mahabalipuram Road) Covelong/Kovalam is a famous beach resort and one of the popular tourist places to visit near Chennai.

It was originally just a small fishing village, but now also expanded to become one of the most famous beach resorts in South India. You can still explore the old sea port that used to exist there. Numerous quality beach resorts can be found at Kovalam. The beaches at that location are absolutely exquisite, and are greatly enjoyed by all that visit there. It is also to these beaches that the well-known Olive Ridley Turtles travel to every year to hatch their eggs.

Swimmimg and wind surfing are popular activities at this beach.

3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park - 38 Kms

Arignar Anna Zoological Park
At a distance of 38 Kms from Chennai Central Railway Station (located in Vandalur, Kanchipuram district), Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the finest zoos in India. This is also one of the popular tourist places near Chennai and said to be one of the biggest in South East Asia.

Established in 1855 and shifted to the current location of Vandalur reserved forests in the year 1979. This park is officially opened to public in 1985, the park covers 510 hectares of land. The park shelters more than 170 species of animals. The dry forests surrounding the Vandalur region is the ideal breeding ground for these animals. It is home for Tigers, Jaguars, Lions, Panther, Elephants, Sambar, Giraffes and many more.

The Park has a library with good collection of wildlife related books and information. Elephant safari is also available in the park.

Timings 9 AM to 8 PM. Tuesday Holiday. But all the animals are back in their cages after 5 PM.

4. Sadras Beach Resort (Near Mahabalipuram) - 68 Kms

  Sadras Beach Resort (Near Mahabalipuram)
At a distance of 13 kms from Mahabalipuram (towards South) and 68 Kms from Chennai, Sadras is an outstanding beach resort that takes advantage of the beautiful landscape. This is one of the popular tourist places to visit around Chennai.

The beaches that surround Mahabalipuram are encompassed by beautiful, green casuarinas groves. The contrast of the vibrant green with the sparkling white beaches is breathtaking, and a sight that numerous tourists want to experience.

There is an old ruined Dutch Fort and a Dutch cemetery with finely carved headstones at Sadras as well.

5. Nagalapuram (Near Tirupati) - 87 Kms

Nagalapuram (Near Tirupati) - 87 Kms
At a distance of 16 km from Nagalapuram town, 44 km from Puttur, 87 km from Chennai, 78 km from Tirupati, 107 km from Chittoor, 130 km from Vellore, 120 km from Kanipakam & 288 km from Bangalore, Nagalapuram is a small historical town located in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. Nagalapuram is famous for two things, one is Sri Vedanarayana Swamy Temple and the other one is Nagalapuram falls trekking (also known as Saddhi Koodu Madugu). This is one of the popular sites for trekking near Chennai and also among ideal weekend getaways around Chenani for a two day trip.

Sri Vedanarayana temple is grand shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is said to have been built by Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagar Empire in remembrance of his mother Nagala Devi, after whom the town is named. The temple reflects the Vijayanagara architectural and the main deity idol is facing west. The sanctum sanctorum has Vedanarayana Swamy with his consort's Sridevi

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Top 5 Alternative Holiday destinations and must-see's abroad!

With holidays abroad more meaningful than ever, of course each one needs to be unique. With many amazing places to choose from, it can be hard to figure out those that are thriving in popularity at the moment.

Below we have favourited some of our most alternative, unique and up and coming holiday destinations and sight to be seen of 2013, that are sure to give you both a cultural, exciting and memorable experience time away.
North Africa After suffering with political unrest for many years, North Africa's most loved holiday resorts are more than safe, and a welcoming, friendly place to spend a holiday. Morocco is now proving to be more and more popular with intrigued travellers, hosting Marrakech as one of the most cultural and bustling holiday destinations there is. Agadir in Morocco is especially spectacular, holding beaches and historical sites. The country is full of flavour and fast paced activities, offering a perfect mix of both Arabia and Africa. Red sea holidays such as Egypt are also as hot as ever, being a great all rounder and a paradise for divers and snorkelling beginners. North Africa is also lucky enough to host the stunning country of Tunisia, home to many filming locations and celebrity hotspots. Without spending a fortune here, you'll get to taste theTunisian cuisine, as well as visit its world renowned ancient ruins such as Amphitheatres, cathedrals and religious sites.
Dominican Republic 

With the Dominican increasing its tourism visitors in 2012 by over 8%, we have seen more airlines jump on the bandwagon, offering flights here at lower prices than ever before. Not only is this a dream like and affordable destination to relax on, the Dominican Republic's coastlines are some of the most beautiful in the world. Usually destined as a place to get married or to spend a honeymoon, resorts such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata can now be enjoyed by everybody. Here you will find extremely tranquil beaches, lagoons and private coves to swim in and take boat rides out of, as well as its secluded walking routes. Aside form its coastal culture, open valleys and fields are also wide open for you to enjoy, being home to lots of natural production. With a mix of the Maldives and France's countryside, there no better place to unwind. The Dominican Republic will always be a splurge and a treat, but a well deserved and memorable one.
Malta. Even though Malta is one of the smallest EU nations in population and in size, it holds stable and loveable Mediterranean climates. The country hosts a full hub of all things arty, great food and harbours which have slowly helped Malta on its way up the holiday ladder for educational yet stunning places to visit. With its Maltese culture surrounding newcomers everywhere they look, architecture and exhibitions reflect the early renaissance. With young students and couples after an informative break away, The Traditional Museum of Fine Arts located here should go down a treat, with spectacular seas and sands to go with it.
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Aspros Potamos, Crete
Aspros Potamos, situated in a stunning valley in Crete, Greece is a secret destination offering peace and tranquility. A place without traffic, mobile phones, or lights, it’s the perfect place to spend some quality time in a faraway place. Aspros Potamos is designed to create simplicity, and here will lead you to the historical village of Pefki, a place used in the Vietnam War times. The village was originally used to prepare wheat and barley and keep animals. The village is surrounded by stacked cottages, perfect for a romantic break alone. They are made of local stone, and each consisted of only two rooms. The miniature houses are drenched in an authentic atmosphere, and although you have no chance of drying your hair or having a shave, you’re bound to have an extraordinary break exploring the depth of a well-kept historical landmark together.
Lake Vinuela
We all know Costa Del Sol is famous for it's sandy beaches, but little do people know, it also offers a beautiful romantic attraction, Lake Vinuela. It has enticed holiday makers for many years, with a capacity of 170,000,000 cubic meters of water, the lake was created when the rivers Velez, Guaro, and Seco were dammed together. The lake thrives in a sense of hush as the public are left to discover what the lake has to offer. Scattered around the lake are paths that lead to dainty and delightful little villages, such as Canillas de Aceituno, Alcaucin, Periana, and. Riogordo. It is located fifteen minutes from the local town of Torre del Mar. Visit Lake Vinuala where the tiny romantic villages are perfect for couples to explore, and feel a real sense of adventure in an unexpected location.