Saturday, April 30, 2016

What to do in Mexico- May

More and more people are visiting Mexico year on year due to its versatile approach. Holidaying in the Cancun has allowed hundreds of thousands to get a real taste of the Caribbean coast for less. Not only are there endless amounts of things to do here, it offers a more luxurious experience than your typical sun holiday and is loved highly for it.

In May, visiting Mexico is relatively cheap but is a great time to visit if you're wanting to avoid heat that's just too blistering for small children and if you're wanting a lot on a reasonable budget. Everything in Mexico has just re-opened in May too, and there's no better way to experience its thriving and bustling atmosphere as its exciting activities start to get underway again.

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Mexico below, that are especially spectacular in the month of May.

Beach babies.

There's a huge array of beaches in Mexico to be discovered; ones that are crystal white, pristine and beautifully maintained. Each of its beaches are suitable for children, and a cheap holiday here will allow you to let loose on many of them where you're able to forget all of your worries. The one thing that stands out for people when settling down to sunbath on a beach in Mexico (whether it be the Cancun or  The Mayan Riveria) is how still, calm and remote they seem to be. The beach of Playa Del Norte in Isla is where you will find clear turquoise waters as well as Akulman's main beach where palm trees offer a wonderful amount of shade. One of the best places for couples would be the Playa Del Amor beach (also known as the lovers beach) as it offers coves, and breathtaking views of Cabo San Lucas. One of the best beaches to sunbath on would be Neuevo Vallarta Beach which offers a huge amount of sand that looks over a beautiful horizon of the ocean. In Playa La Ropa and the Cancun all offer wonderful experiences for kids, as each caters wonderfully for those who like to take part in constant activities, wether it be beach ball or going on a speedboat. 

Tours of Mexico

Mexico is a big place, and when visiting that will become very clear. There are some brilliant opportunities to discover more about Mexico whilst there though, as you will see that its neighbouring resorts are very accessible. From just £30pp you could take an excursion or boat trip out to archeological mysteries such as Talum or Chichen, or even places that offer something you'd like to do such as ziplining in another resort. that yours may not offer. You could even try to book a 2-day tour that will allow you to cruise around the Caribbean coastline to catch sight of Mexico's real history and culture, visiting beaches as well as cities. Touring Mexico is the best way to see its real way of life, including fresh food and goods markets. 

Nightclubs/ Partying 

Thanks to TV series such as Geordie Shore, the Cancun has rapidly grown to be one of the best places for students, large groups of friends and spring breakers to get wild. The Cancun offers endless opportunities to get involved in some of the craziest parties in the world, hosting boat parties, beach raves and themed nights in many of its booming night-clubs. DJ's such as David Guetta and singers such as Rhianna have been known to headline here too, and is now one of the best places for a 18-30's holiday.  BullDog Cafe, Daddy Rock, Fat Tuesday and Planet Hollywood are some of the greatest places to hold of cheap booze and to enjoy an extremely fun holiday away with your mates. With even swimming pools in nightclubs and neon raves taking place every night it will be hard to get bored, yet hard to rest! Even throughout the day you could buy tickets to go on a booze cruise or have a laugh on a vast banana boat on Mexico's smooth waves of the sea. 

Zip Line 

This adrenaline pushing and exhilarating activity is perfect for all travellers . There are many destinations across the whole of Mexico that will allow you to do this. You could even take a ride over waters, animal parks and nature reserves to get the best out of it.  Acting as a runway, these tracks have been designed for those who adore to get get adventurous when abroad, using your hands to keep you up on this thin wire ride! To get some really good views, again visit Cancun to take this out, as you'll find various locations to ride zip lines here.
Snorkelling and turtle beaches

Snorkelling in Mexico has been made popular because of Mexico's high heats all year around.  Its blue corals and clear lagoons that rest along Mexico's coastline mean that snorkelling is perfect here, having it been made easy to see so much underwater. You'll get to catch sight of weird yet wonderful sea creatures, as well as receive a great view of the sea's bottom. The versatile beach of Akumal even offers vsitors the chance to turtle watch! It's a well know turtle beach where you'll be able to get up close to the cute reptiles and take some photos of them.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eating out on a budget abroad

If you think you can't go away on holiday– don’t despair!

We have loads of great deals on city breaks, with many less than £100, and we’ve come up with some tips for you to save the pennies while you’re away too...
- Explore!

It’s all part of the fun anyway... who wants to go away to find the same things everyone else has found before? If you have time, just make the city your own – we all want to see the big sights but if you just take a trip a few streets away from the major tourist zones of basically any city, you’ll find a wealth of local independent restaurants which are cheaper than the famous names and usually offer more authentic cuisine. If in doubt, try asking the hotel porter or even your room cleaner for hints on where to go, but make sure you are clear that you don’t want a ‘touristy’ place. It will give you a more authentic and personalised experience, and the love of food is a global thing – people will enjoy recommending their favourite restaurants and tavernas!

- You don't have to eat out everyday.

Street vendors in Barcelona offer delicious local delicacy churros (a fried dough pastry which is a lot tastier than it sounds!) for as little as €2, and it’s always fun to explore the local supermarkets to find fresh local produce so you can eat al fresco. Who doesn’t love a picnic?!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do and stock up on some gorgeous local prosciutto and freshly baked focaccia bread!

- Never be afraid to ask questions.

Try local cheeses and meats, ask about market days and always ask locals where they shop. You’ll find out about some real gems. The daily market at Forno Campo dé Fiori in Rome has great flatbreads (or “pizza bianca”) and if you’re in Istanbul, fish lovers must try the incredible fish sandwiches sold straight from the boats in the historical Sultan ahmet district.

- Do your research!
Most cities have public transport links – they want tourism; tourism pays their way, so knowing beforehand about these things will allow you to see more of the city. Paris has a great bicycle scheme called “Velib” which can allow you to get about on a tight budget. A basic knowledge of the language will also allow you to decipher the menus so you can eat in the less tourist-orientated regions, so pick up a basic language book a couple of weeks before you fly.
- Last but not least: be careful about falling into tourist traps – when eating out in Barcelona or Paris you can often expect to pay more to sit outside!

Stick to these rules, and you can be sure to have a great time, tasting foods you can’t just pick up at your local supermarket at home. Food is a great way to experience different cultures and local, authentic foods don’t have to cost the earth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 5 best 18-30's Partying Resorts of 2015

With TV and music hypes giving us a real insight into to exactly how some resorts come alive at night abroad, there's more demand than ever for young people who are in need of that all important holiday abroad. But what is it that makes these so special and exciting? Perhaps it's the looking forward to this type of holiday with the know that you won't be left disappointed at the end of it. It also probably all boils down to the fact that these destinations offer a once in a lifetime experience, one that most dream of. The great thing about getting wild and crazy abroad this year is how you're able to do it on a budget and on a whim. 

Below we have shortlisted some of the greatest places to visit some of the world's most renowned DJ's, celebrity appearances all time, world- renowned clubbing strips this year. 

This Greek resort is possibly the best for partying in the whole country and now even gets thousands of visitors each year to prove it. Every single one of its visitors are up for all night drinking sessions, booze cruises and ultimate foam parties. The fact it is situated on the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu, it's home to a stunning coastline and endless, enticing bars and clubs that cater for all groups of friends. More and more people now  choose to spend their first holiday away from their home here, as Kavos offers such an escape from reality, as well as mind blowing hot temperatures. You will find its atmosphere trans-like being extremely bustling and constantly having something going off. 

Most famous for its crazy nightlife all year around, here you'll find a hub clubs, and offers some of the wildest experiences in the whole of Spain, and is truly the reason for its Island Majorca being so alive. Not only is it a perfect place to bond with your mates and socialise with other party-goers you'll also get to take full advantage of its many daytime activities too, where the famous banana boats have taken over the world. Whether you'd like to venture into a world of dance in Club21 or BCM's you're bound to leave with some great memories after consuming its extremely cheap and tasteful alcohol. More and more people are now deciding to return back to Magaluf for their sun holiday of a lifetime. 

Now Ibiza really is the place it all begun. Intriguing inner party animals since the early 60's Ibiza soon became the most popular place in Europe to hosts a ground for the best DJ's in the world beach- style. It is loved solely for its picturesque scenery and boiling hot temperatures in its peak months. Millions of people around the world hold memories of great time from being here, and people continue that urge to visit this stunning Balearic island. Many celebrities feel like Ibiza is their second home too. Hosting clubs such as Café Del Mar and Pascha, it comes as no surprise that it birthed many neighbouring clubbing hotspots across the whole world. 
Resting in the lively and lovely Greek island of Crete, Malia is its little exciting twist. There are many reasons why it soon became a place to spend many nights letting your hair down here.  Here you'll get to visitsome crazy nightclubs including Candy, Safari Club, Corkers and Apollo. Throughout the day, Malia is the best place to cure a hangover, with awaiting sunbeds and golden sands are there for your pleasure, a great place to get the perfect tan too. Its locals friendly, and an 'anything goes' approach make it a comfortable place for everybody in need of a great time. Come here to involve yourself in some hilarious drinking games and to simply have the time of your life. 

Aiya Napa
Resting in the far East of the Southern coast of Cyprus, Aiya Napa is insanely beautiful. With hot weather all year round, it is both a great place for families, solo travellers and mot importantly fun loving groups of friends. With its white sands and coral beaches. There are dozens of bars, restaurants and upbeat night-clubs to choose from here which soon made it of the best places to escape in Greece. Whether you're spending a week here all inclusive or 3 nights self catering, you're guaranteed to feel huge amounts of adrenaline push through your bodies in both its bars and when taking part in many of its day-time beach activities such as paragliding and quad biking.  It was been attracting clubbers since the late 90's and that hasn't changed since...In-fact continues to attract more and more due to recommendations allowing it boom, thrive and grow even further. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Family holidays in the Caribbean - Our top 3

We have all imagined the Caribbean, clear blue skies, warm sunshine and calm seas. It's the kind of holiday experience most don't think they will ever achieve however the good news is the Caribbean is becoming more affordable and also a  great option for families. In case you need a little more convincing here are 3 destination ideas, so whether you are looking for a romantic boutique style hotel or a fun for all the family resort, the Caribbean will have the holiday for you! Family holidays in the caribbean

Atlantis, Bahamas 

In Paradise Island in Atlantis their is an array of majestic and inspirational things to do that the whole family can enjoy. Its on site facilities and all inclusive hotels are becoming more and more famous, and is now well known for being a fantastic family all rounder. The main thing that stands out in Paradise Island is its water facilities, with endless chances to swim and take full advantage of its admirable beaches. Once you're here you will understand its popularity. 
Dolphin shows here are also spectacular, with many sanctuaries and performances constantly open and on the go for children to watch, as well as swim with them. Its home to one of the world's largest aquamarine centers too, especially 'Marine Habitat' that holds over 50,000 sea animals. Predator Lagoon is also said to be a great day out which is very similar where you'll even find black nosed sharks. You could even visit the amazing water park of 'Aquaventure' that is world famous, wild and great fun. In fact, you've probably seen a picture of it at some point in your life it looks that great!  To eat out here you're not expected to spend extortionate amounts as throughout the day you'll find many American influenced cafes selling doughnuts and burgers. On an evening you'll be able to find some yummy places to eat out too. 


Wherever you choose to stay in the Caribbean you'll be able to do things at your own pace and you'll get to relax. You'll find that Antigua's unspoilt grounds are spectacular and beaches out of this world. An Eastern Caribbean holiday here offers tours of the sea to eco adventures. More popular with older children rather than small babies and toddlers, animal lovers will be in their element here. In its wildlife areas you'll get to catch sight of some unique species especially if you choose to go snorkelling or visit a turtle beach. The National Parks of 'Nelson's Dockyard' and 'Shirley Heights' look right over the East of Antigua and look over its unbelievable beaches such as Moon Bay and Valley Church. There's even a donkey sanctuary here and many geological formations such as the 'Pillars of Hercules' and Hell's Gate that make it an educational place to visit too. You could try sailing, diving or visiting one of its many cultural food markets. 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Once only popular with honeymooners (or baby mooners if you like) it soon made its way into the books of versatility with travellers. On an evening you'll find that the resort comes alive with on-site entertainment, animation shows and dazzling fun in bars. You will even get to enjoy its restaurant cinemas and experience a flash way of life. Aside from this, Punta Cana's beauty will leave you in awe, without a shadow of a doubt. Its award winning beaches such as 'Bavaro Beach' are clear, well- maintained and there's always something happening on them. The Marinarium is a place in itself that's been loved for many years now and will allow you to take out boat tours and water activities which counts for a brilliant day out. There's opportunity to take out excursions to visit bodies of water and swim in them, as well as to pet baby seals. The Marati Park Bavaro is a brilliant zoo where you'll get to see animals such as flamingos, dolphins and parrots. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Where to take out some of the most adrenaline pushing and wildest activities abroad

Are you a REAL daredevil who feels thrills from heights, high speeds and adrenaline pumping activity?
You've probably heard of many things and thought 'I'd give that a go!' but have never really had the chance. That's why we have come up with some of the most exhilarating things to do abroad to ensure that when you're next on holiday you can get to take out that one thing you've always wanted to do, but never thought you would.

Hold on tight! ! !

Whale Shark Swimming

Yes, that's right we really are telling you that being able to swim with Sharks is getting more and more popular, it never gets any easier to think about though! This truly exciting, and scarily heart pounding activity really is for those who dare to do absolutely anything. These whale sharks are actually not as bad as most people think too, as they're not actually harmful to humans at all. What we can tell you though is that you're guaranteed to get a beautiful close up of one of these beastly mammals as they become intrigued by your visit. Being able to take out this scenic activity will truly leave you in awe. You could do this in Cancun/ Riviera of Mexico or South Africa. You'll only get to do this in the country's seasonal/ peak times so make sure you investigate into this before travelling to avoid any disappointment!


This adventure sport is bound to get your heart rate going. With no rigid primary structure, a perfect summers day will give you the best views in the world of your holiday resort. Available to take out in many countries including Spain, Cyprus and Greece, you've probably missed out on this extraordinary must-do already. Reflecting the concept of a parachute, you are able to glide through the open air at vast speeds. You'll either be landed in an allocated area or be destined to come down wherever you have drifted away to, on which your pilot will control your location and keep you safe. Once you're in the know and comfortable; keep your eyes wide open and take in this rememberable experience with stunning views for miles ahead of you to be seen.

Quad Biking

A rough ride on a quad bike will leave you smiling, muddy and full of energy. You'll get to zoom around the pretty back streets of your holiday destination as you and your friends use reasonable speeds to discover all that your resort has to offer. With specialised mud tracks and intriguing routes that will lead you to exciting locations, you'll get to see some great sights. This fun-loviing activity has been proven to be most popular in top partying hotspots such as Falaraki, Malia and Ibiza where it can give large groups of friends a real sense of humour. With heat on your back and slight winds blowing in your hair, to do this in Egypt or Crete is a dream-like and vast experience.

Zip Line

This fascinating and exhilarating activity is perfect for all travellers as there are so many levels and versions to choose from. You could even take a ride over waters, animal parks and nature reserves to get the best out of it.  Hoisted up, and connected to a long zip wire you'll feel a slight drop and you nerve the line. Once you're one you will soon zoom to the other side, and before you know it you'll be proud to have done so! Acting as a runway, these tracks have been designed for those who LOVE to get get adventurous when abroad, using your hands to keep you up on this thin wire ride! To get some spectacla rviews visit Cancun, Mexico to take this out, as you'll find various locations to ride zip lines here.

White Water Rafting

This wet and rough activity really is challenging no matter what level/ advance you choose to raft at. With some beautiful rivers across the globs famous for its fast currents, white water rafting has soon become one of the funnest and speediest water activities in the world. To be able to do this you need strength and the ability to work in a team, as you'll be fighting through some rough waters. It's now known for being an extreme sport due to its levels of danger as you may come into face with large rocks and unexpected thrusts towards your durable inflatable boat. Popular in India, Italy and Turkey, make sure you're ready as you dip down lagoons and travel through coves on your exhilarating journey.