Saturday, April 30, 2016

What to do in Mexico- May

More and more people are visiting Mexico year on year due to its versatile approach. Holidaying in the Cancun has allowed hundreds of thousands to get a real taste of the Caribbean coast for less. Not only are there endless amounts of things to do here, it offers a more luxurious experience than your typical sun holiday and is loved highly for it.

In May, visiting Mexico is relatively cheap but is a great time to visit if you're wanting to avoid heat that's just too blistering for small children and if you're wanting a lot on a reasonable budget. Everything in Mexico has just re-opened in May too, and there's no better way to experience its thriving and bustling atmosphere as its exciting activities start to get underway again.

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Mexico below, that are especially spectacular in the month of May.

Beach babies.

There's a huge array of beaches in Mexico to be discovered; ones that are crystal white, pristine and beautifully maintained. Each of its beaches are suitable for children, and a cheap holiday here will allow you to let loose on many of them where you're able to forget all of your worries. The one thing that stands out for people when settling down to sunbath on a beach in Mexico (whether it be the Cancun or  The Mayan Riveria) is how still, calm and remote they seem to be. The beach of Playa Del Norte in Isla is where you will find clear turquoise waters as well as Akulman's main beach where palm trees offer a wonderful amount of shade. One of the best places for couples would be the Playa Del Amor beach (also known as the lovers beach) as it offers coves, and breathtaking views of Cabo San Lucas. One of the best beaches to sunbath on would be Neuevo Vallarta Beach which offers a huge amount of sand that looks over a beautiful horizon of the ocean. In Playa La Ropa and the Cancun all offer wonderful experiences for kids, as each caters wonderfully for those who like to take part in constant activities, wether it be beach ball or going on a speedboat. 

Tours of Mexico

Mexico is a big place, and when visiting that will become very clear. There are some brilliant opportunities to discover more about Mexico whilst there though, as you will see that its neighbouring resorts are very accessible. From just £30pp you could take an excursion or boat trip out to archeological mysteries such as Talum or Chichen, or even places that offer something you'd like to do such as ziplining in another resort. that yours may not offer. You could even try to book a 2-day tour that will allow you to cruise around the Caribbean coastline to catch sight of Mexico's real history and culture, visiting beaches as well as cities. Touring Mexico is the best way to see its real way of life, including fresh food and goods markets. 

Nightclubs/ Partying 

Thanks to TV series such as Geordie Shore, the Cancun has rapidly grown to be one of the best places for students, large groups of friends and spring breakers to get wild. The Cancun offers endless opportunities to get involved in some of the craziest parties in the world, hosting boat parties, beach raves and themed nights in many of its booming night-clubs. DJ's such as David Guetta and singers such as Rhianna have been known to headline here too, and is now one of the best places for a 18-30's holiday.  BullDog Cafe, Daddy Rock, Fat Tuesday and Planet Hollywood are some of the greatest places to hold of cheap booze and to enjoy an extremely fun holiday away with your mates. With even swimming pools in nightclubs and neon raves taking place every night it will be hard to get bored, yet hard to rest! Even throughout the day you could buy tickets to go on a booze cruise or have a laugh on a vast banana boat on Mexico's smooth waves of the sea. 

Zip Line 

This adrenaline pushing and exhilarating activity is perfect for all travellers . There are many destinations across the whole of Mexico that will allow you to do this. You could even take a ride over waters, animal parks and nature reserves to get the best out of it.  Acting as a runway, these tracks have been designed for those who adore to get get adventurous when abroad, using your hands to keep you up on this thin wire ride! To get some really good views, again visit Cancun to take this out, as you'll find various locations to ride zip lines here.
Snorkelling and turtle beaches

Snorkelling in Mexico has been made popular because of Mexico's high heats all year around.  Its blue corals and clear lagoons that rest along Mexico's coastline mean that snorkelling is perfect here, having it been made easy to see so much underwater. You'll get to catch sight of weird yet wonderful sea creatures, as well as receive a great view of the sea's bottom. The versatile beach of Akumal even offers vsitors the chance to turtle watch! It's a well know turtle beach where you'll be able to get up close to the cute reptiles and take some photos of them.

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