Saturday, April 16, 2016

Family holidays in the Caribbean - Our top 3

We have all imagined the Caribbean, clear blue skies, warm sunshine and calm seas. It's the kind of holiday experience most don't think they will ever achieve however the good news is the Caribbean is becoming more affordable and also a  great option for families. In case you need a little more convincing here are 3 destination ideas, so whether you are looking for a romantic boutique style hotel or a fun for all the family resort, the Caribbean will have the holiday for you! Family holidays in the caribbean

Atlantis, Bahamas 

In Paradise Island in Atlantis their is an array of majestic and inspirational things to do that the whole family can enjoy. Its on site facilities and all inclusive hotels are becoming more and more famous, and is now well known for being a fantastic family all rounder. The main thing that stands out in Paradise Island is its water facilities, with endless chances to swim and take full advantage of its admirable beaches. Once you're here you will understand its popularity. 
Dolphin shows here are also spectacular, with many sanctuaries and performances constantly open and on the go for children to watch, as well as swim with them. Its home to one of the world's largest aquamarine centers too, especially 'Marine Habitat' that holds over 50,000 sea animals. Predator Lagoon is also said to be a great day out which is very similar where you'll even find black nosed sharks. You could even visit the amazing water park of 'Aquaventure' that is world famous, wild and great fun. In fact, you've probably seen a picture of it at some point in your life it looks that great!  To eat out here you're not expected to spend extortionate amounts as throughout the day you'll find many American influenced cafes selling doughnuts and burgers. On an evening you'll be able to find some yummy places to eat out too. 


Wherever you choose to stay in the Caribbean you'll be able to do things at your own pace and you'll get to relax. You'll find that Antigua's unspoilt grounds are spectacular and beaches out of this world. An Eastern Caribbean holiday here offers tours of the sea to eco adventures. More popular with older children rather than small babies and toddlers, animal lovers will be in their element here. In its wildlife areas you'll get to catch sight of some unique species especially if you choose to go snorkelling or visit a turtle beach. The National Parks of 'Nelson's Dockyard' and 'Shirley Heights' look right over the East of Antigua and look over its unbelievable beaches such as Moon Bay and Valley Church. There's even a donkey sanctuary here and many geological formations such as the 'Pillars of Hercules' and Hell's Gate that make it an educational place to visit too. You could try sailing, diving or visiting one of its many cultural food markets. 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Once only popular with honeymooners (or baby mooners if you like) it soon made its way into the books of versatility with travellers. On an evening you'll find that the resort comes alive with on-site entertainment, animation shows and dazzling fun in bars. You will even get to enjoy its restaurant cinemas and experience a flash way of life. Aside from this, Punta Cana's beauty will leave you in awe, without a shadow of a doubt. Its award winning beaches such as 'Bavaro Beach' are clear, well- maintained and there's always something happening on them. The Marinarium is a place in itself that's been loved for many years now and will allow you to take out boat tours and water activities which counts for a brilliant day out. There's opportunity to take out excursions to visit bodies of water and swim in them, as well as to pet baby seals. The Marati Park Bavaro is a brilliant zoo where you'll get to see animals such as flamingos, dolphins and parrots. 


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