Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 5 best 18-30's Partying Resorts of 2015

With TV and music hypes giving us a real insight into to exactly how some resorts come alive at night abroad, there's more demand than ever for young people who are in need of that all important holiday abroad. But what is it that makes these so special and exciting? Perhaps it's the looking forward to this type of holiday with the know that you won't be left disappointed at the end of it. It also probably all boils down to the fact that these destinations offer a once in a lifetime experience, one that most dream of. The great thing about getting wild and crazy abroad this year is how you're able to do it on a budget and on a whim. 

Below we have shortlisted some of the greatest places to visit some of the world's most renowned DJ's, celebrity appearances all time, world- renowned clubbing strips this year. 

This Greek resort is possibly the best for partying in the whole country and now even gets thousands of visitors each year to prove it. Every single one of its visitors are up for all night drinking sessions, booze cruises and ultimate foam parties. The fact it is situated on the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu, it's home to a stunning coastline and endless, enticing bars and clubs that cater for all groups of friends. More and more people now  choose to spend their first holiday away from their home here, as Kavos offers such an escape from reality, as well as mind blowing hot temperatures. You will find its atmosphere trans-like being extremely bustling and constantly having something going off. 

Most famous for its crazy nightlife all year around, here you'll find a hub clubs, and offers some of the wildest experiences in the whole of Spain, and is truly the reason for its Island Majorca being so alive. Not only is it a perfect place to bond with your mates and socialise with other party-goers you'll also get to take full advantage of its many daytime activities too, where the famous banana boats have taken over the world. Whether you'd like to venture into a world of dance in Club21 or BCM's you're bound to leave with some great memories after consuming its extremely cheap and tasteful alcohol. More and more people are now deciding to return back to Magaluf for their sun holiday of a lifetime. 

Now Ibiza really is the place it all begun. Intriguing inner party animals since the early 60's Ibiza soon became the most popular place in Europe to hosts a ground for the best DJ's in the world beach- style. It is loved solely for its picturesque scenery and boiling hot temperatures in its peak months. Millions of people around the world hold memories of great time from being here, and people continue that urge to visit this stunning Balearic island. Many celebrities feel like Ibiza is their second home too. Hosting clubs such as CafĂ© Del Mar and Pascha, it comes as no surprise that it birthed many neighbouring clubbing hotspots across the whole world. 
Resting in the lively and lovely Greek island of Crete, Malia is its little exciting twist. There are many reasons why it soon became a place to spend many nights letting your hair down here.  Here you'll get to visitsome crazy nightclubs including Candy, Safari Club, Corkers and Apollo. Throughout the day, Malia is the best place to cure a hangover, with awaiting sunbeds and golden sands are there for your pleasure, a great place to get the perfect tan too. Its locals friendly, and an 'anything goes' approach make it a comfortable place for everybody in need of a great time. Come here to involve yourself in some hilarious drinking games and to simply have the time of your life. 

Aiya Napa
Resting in the far East of the Southern coast of Cyprus, Aiya Napa is insanely beautiful. With hot weather all year round, it is both a great place for families, solo travellers and mot importantly fun loving groups of friends. With its white sands and coral beaches. There are dozens of bars, restaurants and upbeat night-clubs to choose from here which soon made it of the best places to escape in Greece. Whether you're spending a week here all inclusive or 3 nights self catering, you're guaranteed to feel huge amounts of adrenaline push through your bodies in both its bars and when taking part in many of its day-time beach activities such as paragliding and quad biking.  It was been attracting clubbers since the late 90's and that hasn't changed since...In-fact continues to attract more and more due to recommendations allowing it boom, thrive and grow even further. 

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