Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The stunning bridges of Venice

Bridge of Sighs.
This infamous bridge connects the Doge's palace with Prigioni. It's often looked at and thought to be romantic, situated in a wonderfully beautiful part of the city. It's Italian name is the Ponte Dei Sospiri made in limestone.

Rialto Bridge.
This photogenic bridge is situated across the main pedestrian bridge of the Grand Canal. The bridge is close by to many shops and authentic markets, making it extremely accessible and popular. 

Scalzi Bridge. Literally meaning 'The bridge of Barefoot Monks'; It connects Santa Croce, Cannaregio and the Santa Lucia Rail Station together. Completed in the early 30's, its stone structure still remains in tact and gives beautiful views down the Grand Canal. 

Calatrava Bridge. This is not your typical Italian bridge, as it's Venice's newest. Smoothly using its curve edges to span the Grand Canal. Made from glass steel , it was completed in 2008 and adds a modern touch to the city. 

Acadamy Bridge. Crossing both the Grand Cnal and the recommended Venice museum 'The Galleria dell Acadamia' it's name makes sense. First built in the 19th century and re-erected in the 30's it offers an interesting yet huge piece of art to look at, all made out of pure wood. 

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